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GenAnalytics launches new gender pay gap software

Gender Pay Gap
GenAnalytics Ltd Announces Launch of New Gender Pay Gap Analytical Software

GenAnalytics Ltd, a data insights and analytics consultancy, today announced the launch of their latest software tool designed to help companies gain a competitive edge from gender pay gap reporting.

Almost 12,000 companies in the UK, who employ more than 250 staff, must publish their gender pay gap figures on an annual basis i.e. the difference between male and female earnings across the organisation. Analysis shows that almost 8 out of 10 businesses still pay men more, with female employees earning up to 26% less in the finance sector and 24% less in construction compared to males.

Jane Gotts, Director, GenAnalytics said “Our vision is to deliver greater insight and information to our clients around diversity and inclusion. Gender pay gap analysis and employee analytics are core to our business. This new tool will enable us to better support clients using a technology platform that allows faster and more comprehensive analysis of gender pay data and allows us to identify key areas of action and risk linked to gender pay gap performance. We believe this will help companies close their gender pay gap over time.”

Andy McGoldrick, Technology Director, Incremental Group added, “Incremental Group is committed to driving greater diversity and inclusion within the technology sector whether this is through our various STEM initiatives or our strong internal gender split. Through our work with GenAnalytics we are helping to support better gender diversity and inclusion in the wider sector, all powered through technology and data.”

Claire Partridge, Innovation Specialist at Scottish Enterprise, said: “This new product will drive greater equality and diversity in the workforce. We’re pleased to have supported GenAnalytics, both in an advisory capacity through our innovation support service and with a ‘By Design’ grant. We know that having more of a gender balance drives company performance. By enabling businesses to better understand their gender pay gap we hope that Scotland can lead the way in workplace inclusivity.”

GenAnalytics is a research and insights consultancy based in Glasgow and is focused on the application of data and analytics to drive business performance through greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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